I was first introduced to the world of Value investing in 2012 (did technical trading for a bit before that) after picking up a book titled “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham. Coming from a quantitative engineering background, I really like things that I can prove and are grounded in sound fundamentals and concepts. The Intelligent Investor really made a big impact on my thinking and my approach to the art of investing.

This website was created to share my thoughts and to have discussions with fellow passionate investors and friends.

The name for this website was inspired by a documentary titled “Jiro’s Dream of Sushi”. To the untrained eye, sushi is just a ball of rice topped with a piece of raw fish. This perception is far from the truth. In the eyes of a sushi chef, there is so much intricate detail needed to make excellent sushi. Too much rice used to make sushi will make it too big a mouthful to eat, too little rice and the sushi will be overpowered by a fishy aftertaste. A millimetre difference in slicing the fish and the whole texture and taste changes.

To attain mastery in his given craft, the sushi chef requires unwavering lifelong dedication to his/her craft. He/she must also have certain characteristic traits such as, keen attention to detail, patience, laser sharp focus and emotional control. These similar characteristic traits needed for an aspiring master sushi chef is very similar for someone aspiring to be a sensible, intelligent investor.

I also aspire to be a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Besides spending my waking existence pursuing mastery in this given field, I train and compete in combat sports.

“Love the humble art you have learned, and take rest in it. Pass through the remainder of your days as one who whole-heartedly entrusts all possessions to the gods, making yourself neither a tyrant nor a slave to any person”

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 4.31